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Howdy folks! I’m Trish Stratus, creator and owner of Music web blog, Convert MP3 to WAV?. I’m thirty one and live in Tampa, Florida. I completely love progressing to concerts, enjoying poker, pet lover and watch wrestling shows and not solely have a decent time, however additionally interview my favorite people: pokers, insurance advisors, wrestlers and musicians.

I’m a DD sports backstage TV correspondent on Ten Network — watch prime time weekly at 10PM EST following NXT Wrestling! — and have had the pleasure of being a jury, influencer, music partner, and poker panellist of many wonderful groups and communities.

I’m a disciple of something high-waisted, ginger-ale, vocalizing video games, barbeque fam jams, and drinkable. I additionally like long walks on the beach, of course play with my pets.

As owner of Convert MP3 to WAV music web blog, I coordinate interviews, pictures concerts, review records and singles, coordinate show requests for my pokers, handle all of the website’s social media, and more.

This is Me,
Trish Stratus